Available Routes

get {API Key}/v1/invoices

Data Format

Field Name Type Description
id number Unique ID for the invoice (Bill4Time Generated)
customId text Unique ID for the invoice (User Generated). Normally the same as id
clientId number id of the client for the invoice
clientName text Name of the client
projectId number id of the project for the invoice
projectName text Name of the project
description text invoice description
invoiceDate date invoice date
createdDate date invoice creation date
status text invoice status
  • prebill
  • finalized
notes text invoice notes
invoiceTermType text Invoice Terms
invoiceAmount number Invoice Total
laborAmount number Labor Total
expenseAmount number Expense Total
lateFeeAmount number Late Fee Total
paidStatus text Paid status of the invoice
  • Partially Paid
  • Unpaid
  • Paid

Usage Examples

Find all Invoices
get{Api Key}/v1/invoices
Find invoice with id = 10012
get{Api Key}/v1/invoices?$filter=id eq 10012
Find invoices in a pre-bill status
get{Api Key}/v1/invoices?$filter=status eq 'prebill'