Available Routes

get {API Key}/v1/contacts

Data Format

Field Name Type Description
id number Unique ID for the Contact (Bill4Time Generated)
firstName text First name of the Contact
middleInitial text Middle initial of the Contact
lastName text Last name of the Contact
address1 text Address line 1 of the Contact
address2 text Address line 2 of the Contact
city text Contact's City
state text Contact's state
country text Contact's Country
postalCode text Contact's postalCode
workPhone text Contact's work phone number
mobile text Contact's mobile phone number
homePhone text Contact's home phone number
email text Contact's email
fax text Contact's fax
status text Status of Contact.
  • Active
  • Disabled
notes text Notes entered for the Contact.
creationDate datetime Date that the Contact was created

Usage Examples

Find all Contacts
get{Api Key}/v1/contacts
Find Contact with id = 12
get{Api Key}/v1/contacts?$filter=id eq 12
Find All Active Contacts
get{Api Key}/v1/contacts?$filter=status eq 'Active'
Find All Active Contacts created after January 1st, 2017
get{Api Key}/v1/contacts?$filter=status eq 'Active' AND creationDate gt '2017-01-01'