Available Routes

get {API Key}/v1/clients

Data Format

Field Name Type Description
id number Unique ID for the client (Bill4Time Generated)
customId text Unique ID for the client (User Generated). Normally the same as id
clientName text Name for the client
billingName text Name for the client as will appear on invoices
address1 text Address line 1 of the client
address2 text Address line 2 of the client
address3 text Address line 3 of the client
city text Client's City
state text Client's state
country text Client's Country
postalCode text Client's postalCode
phone text Client's phone number
email text Client's email
accountManagerId number User ID of the account manager for the client
accountManagerName text Full name of the account manager for the client
status text Status of Client.
  • Active
  • Disabled
creationDate datetime Date that the client was created

Usage Examples

Find all clients
get{Api Key}/v1/clients
Find client with id = 751
get{Api Key}/v1/clients?$filter=id eq 751
Find All Active Clients
get{Api Key}/v1/clients?$filter=status eq 'Active'
Find All Active clients created after January 1st, 2017
get{Api Key}/v1/clients?$filter=status eq 'Active' AND creationDate gt '2017-01-01'