Available Routes

get {API Key}/v1/expenses

Data Format

Field Name Type Description
id number Unique ID for the Expense (Bill4Time Generated)
clientId number id of the client
clientName text Name of the client
projectId number id of the project (-1 = Non-Project related)
projectName text Name of the project
userId number id of the user
userName text Name of the user
costPrice number Cost of the expense
sellPrice number Price passed on to the client for this expense
expenseDate date Date of the expense
createdDate date Date the expense was created
quantity number item quantity
invoiceId number id of the invoice for the expense, null if the item has not been invoiced
billingStatus text current status of the expense
  • Ready For Summary
  • Ready For Billing
  • Billing Complete
  • Pending Project Close
descriptionPrivate text Internal notes for the expense
descriptionPublic text Public notes for the expense, will be viewable to client on invoices, etc...
expenseType text type of expense

Usage Examples

Find all expenses
gethttps://secure.bill4time.com/b4t-api/{Api Key}/v1/expenses
Find expense with id = 513
gethttps://secure.bill4time.com/b4t-api/{Api Key}/v1/expenses?$filter=id eq 513
Find All expenses for invoice 10002
gethttps://secure.bill4time.com/b4t-api/{Api Key}/v1/expenses?$filter=invoiceId eq 10002
Find first 5 expenses with expenseType='meal' created on or after January 1st, 2017
gethttps://secure.bill4time.com/b4t-api/{Api Key}/v1/expenses?$filter=expenseType eq 'meal' AND createdDate ge '2017-01-01'&$top=5&$orderby=createdDate