Time Entries

Available Routes

get {API Key}/v1/timeEntries

Data Format

Field Name Type Description
id number Unique ID for the time entry (Bill4Time Generated)
clientId number Id of the client for the time entry
clientName text Name of the client
projectId number Id of the project for the time entry
projectName text Name of the project
userId number UserId for the time entry
userName text Name of user
billableAmount text Total Billable for the entry
billableTime text Total Billable hours
laborTime number Total Labor hours
travelTime text Total Travel hours
entryDate date Effective date of the time entry
createdDate date Date the time entry was created
invoiceId number Invoice that this entry is attached to
descriptionPrivate text Private/Internal description for this time entry
descriptionPublic text Public description for this time entry
rateType text Type of billing rate (Hourly/Flat Fee/Contingency)
activityType text Entry/Activity Type for the time entry
litigationCode text ABA litigation Code for the time entry (if applicable)
litigationCodeDesc text Description for the ABA litigation Code(if applicable)
isBillable boolean Is this entry a billable entry or not
billingStatus text Billing status for the time entry
  • Ready For Summary
  • Ready For Billing
  • Billing Complete
  • Pending Project Close
hourlyRate number Billable hourly rate for this entry
payableRate number Rate to be payable to user (i.e. contractor rate)
customFields json JSON object containing time entry custom fields (not searchable).
clientCustomFields json JSON object containing client custom fields (not searchable).
projectCustomFields json JSON object containing project custom fields (not searchable).
userCustomFields json JSON object containing user custom fields (not searchable).

Usage Examples

Find all time entries
gethttps://secure.bill4time.com/b4t-api/{Api Key}/v1/timeEntries
Find time entry with id = 588
gethttps://secure.bill4time.com/b4t-api/{Api Key}/v1/timeEntries?$filter=id eq 588
Find All time entries for invoice 10002
gethttps://secure.bill4time.com/b4t-api/{Api Key}/v1/expenses?$filter=invoiceId eq 10002
Find first 5 time entries for project 10023 created on or after January 1st, 2017
gethttps://secure.bill4time.com/b4t-api/{Api Key}/v1/expenses?$filter=projectId eq 10023 AND createdDate ge '2017-01-01'&$top=5&$orderby=createdDate